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Petshop of Horrors icons and graphics!
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This community is for Petshop of Horrors graphics. It is moderated by thrives. If you make PSOH icons or graphics, you should join. If you like PSOH icons or graphics, you should join too, because you can still vote. Contest themes will be announced once a week, on Saturdays. You will have one week to vote on them, and then 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will recieve banners at the end of the contest.

1. Each member may submit only one icon per theme.
2. All icons must be related to Petshop of Horrors, either the anime or the manga. Please do not use fanart in your icons (unless it's your own).
3. Submitted icons must be compatible with LiveJournal (100x100 and 40 kb).
4. Do not advertise your icon, and don't tell your friends to vote for your icon. (Do not show your icon to people before the end of the contest, and do not use your icon anywhere else until the contest is over, like in an icon community. These are both considered advertising.)
5. Do not steal others' icons and claim them as your own.
6. Do not criticize others' icons.
7. Submitted icons may only be as old as the contest submission post (longer only if the deadline has been extended). Please make your icon fresh and specifically for the contest.
8. You may vote for your own icon, as long as you truly think it's the best one.

On Sunday, thrives will post with the week's theme. You will have until Friday to submit your work. Comments to the submission post will be screened, so please reply normally, and not anonymously. Your submission should contain the following information:

Icon submission
URL of submission
(please make sure the URL is alive)

Submission Times:
Sunday [7 pm EST] - Friday [7 pm EST]

Voting will take place from Friday to Sunday. thrives will post a "voting post" on Friday evening, after all icons have been submitted. Members of the community will comment on the post, saying which 2 icons they like the best. The icons will be numbered, so you merely have to state the numbers of the icons you like, in order of preference. Comments will be screened so your vote will not be seen by anyone other than thrives and yourself.

Results will be posted on Sunday evening, along with the new theme in a submission post.

Voting times:
Friday [8 pm EST] - Sunday [6 pm EST]

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